Videos (in the order we watched them)

  1. Volcanoes 101
  2. Inside a Volcano
  3. Undersea Volcanoes
  4. Galapagos Volcanoes
  5. How Volcanoes Form
  6. Kilauea: Into the Night Volcano
  7. Volcano Eruption, Hawaiian Lava Flow
  8. 3 Questions: Volcanoes!
  9. Through the Lens
  10. Volcano Time Lapse: Lava Flow

Lapbook (We are starting this AFTER we watch all 10 videos)

Indepth Study

  1. Mount St. Helens
  2. Mount Vesuvius
  3. Kilauea
  4. Krakatoa
  5. Eyjafjallajokull

Science Experiment: Make a Paper Mache exploding Volcano


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