Where did the name Rainbow Sheep Homeschool come from?

My daughter has a stuffed toy whom is her world.  We got it from Dollarama and as soon as she got it, some lady asked her what she would call it.  She chose the name of Rainbow Sheep.  Apparently he is a legendary Pokemon whom the Japanese developers of Pokemon have yet to discover… yes “Sailor Moon” is very creatively imaginative.  Below is a picture of our homeschool mascot and beloved Rainbow Sheep.


Who is Sailor Moon?

Sailor Moon is my daughter.  Instead of using her real name, I figured I would pick a name that she wishes I add to her last name.. and is also her FAVORITE female superhero.

Who is the Mothership?

That would be me.. the controller of all things Sailor Moon.  As my online moniker states.. “Mothership”.. aka the mom.  I run the house and all whom dwell in it.. well excluding the 2 hamsters.. they just eat, sleep, and run in their wheels.. no need to control them.. they are caged. 😛  I am the sole teacher of Sailor Moon and everything she wishes to learn.  She directs me as to her interests.. and we incorporate those ideas into her lessons.

Who is the Jedi Master?

This is Sailor Moon’s dad, he is currently in England getting all smart and such in University.  In her world, he is the end all of everything!! She worships the poor man.. and loves riding on his shoulders because then she is taller then us and can see more then we can (or so she thinks).  We talk to him everyday on Skype or Google Talk (she likes the funny things you can do on GT).. but when we say good night.. my laptop becomes daddy… she hugs my monitor and kisses his cheek.  We only get to see the Jedi Master himself in person 2 times a year if we are lucky.. around her birthday and at Christmas (coincidentally.. that is about every 6 months but we are in England for a month so technically every 5 months).  Its tough but we make do and make up for lost time when we are together.. (aka, he becomes her personal jungle gym..LOL!)