Welcome to Halloween Madness!!!

Halloween is 5 days away.  Up until the beginning of this month, Sailor Moon has wanted to wear her Dinosaur costume that she has worn for the past 2 years.  Then she seen a picture of her friend’s costume and she changed her mind.  She is now going out as Elsa…or so I thought.  She found her vampire teeth yesterday and decided she wanted to be Draculora from Monster High…*facepalm*  Then the light bulb clicked on.. “How about a Vampire Elsa?”  She went for it completely and in fact loves the idea more then I thought she would (SCORE for the Mothership!)

Now last year she had it all planned out, she would be Bat Girl, then the night before she asked to be a Curious George Book(she asked at bedtime).. so I spent 2 hours frantically putting white paper on a box and coloring it all yellow and then adding armholes and a front and back cover.  It fit her perfectly!  We put the box in a garbage bag to go to the event at the mall (it was raining really bad out)…we got to the mall and she put it on and after about 5 minutes she didn’t want to be a book anymore.  We went to Walmart and found a “new” costume for her to wear that night.. a blue Furby costume.. she wore it for the rest of the event at the mall.  Supper time came and went and we were getting ready to go out… I had her black pants, sweater and socks ready and I asked her to grab her costume.  She came in with the dinosaur costume -.- (insert several curse words that ran through my head).  She absolutely refused to be a Furby… it was Dinosaur or she was going naked (I can imagine the neighbors faces answering that door…LOL!)  So Dinosaur she was… and she swore she would be this dinosaur every year for the rest of her life (hope she plans on being a midget for the rest of her life because it won’t fit her for much longer).  So I am not going to hold my breath that she will be a Vampire Elsa.. because deep down, I have a gut feeling she will be the dinosaur again..lol

Today, however we decided to get into the spooky spirit of Halloween and we got crafty in Art Class today!  (Note to self: When painting the bottom of Sailor Moon’s feet.. sit on her…LOL!!) We got white and green paint all over the bathroom because she was squirming soo badly it tickled her that much. But the end result came out very nice and she is soo proud of herself that she could make something so pretty. So here are the final pictures of our creations!

halloween door

This is a banner we made with her handprints.  (We did this one after the painting one below so I ended up assembling most of this on my own because she was soo over art and wanted to do her own thing.)

halloween hanging

This was the messy fun we had today.  She got her hands and feet painted and if you ever want to her the most non-fake and honest giggles from a child.. tickle their feet with paint and a paintbrush.  I haven’t heard Sailor Moon giggle like that in a long time, reminded me of when she was still in diapers.

Have a great night, its campout night here so I gotta get her tent in the living room made before I get our supper ready and we sit down to watch the finale of Halloween Wars on the food network and then watch (I’m re-watching) the WWE PPV that was on last night.  Pity help if she misses her favorite wrestler (Seth Rollins) winning a match.. lol


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