November Meal Plan

Last month we did all freezer meals. I did a big shop and split our foods up by week. I liked the idea of splitting up my frozen portions of the meals by week but here I am on the last week of October and I have only used 2 of the 4 bags I put in the deep freezer. In splitting my food up like this I was hoping it would give me more time to spend with Sailor Moon, but sadly what ended up happening is my energy levels dropped. For most of October I have spent more time being soo tired then I ever did when I was even pregnant with Sailor Moon. In September, I was not like this and I was eating different foods, so I am assuming the choices of our freezer meals has made my metabolism change drastically and I am going to spend next month fixing that!

I do my meal plans in a weekly format as we repeat each week, every week of the month, which works for us as we are not big eaters. A regular sized lasagna you can by pre-made at any grocery store could feed a family of 4 nicely for one night(possible next day lunch leftovers). For us, I make a homemade lasagna that is the same size, ingredients, etc and it lasts us more then a month if we eat some once a week and I separate our portions out per week and freeze them.

My focus this month for our meal plan is to get healthier and regain my energy so I can bounce back to my normal self. I am incorporating meats high in B6 and the sides that are also high in B6 and Vitamin C.

November Meal Plan


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