Kindergarten – Day 7

Morning Get Together

  1. Introduce the Theme of the Week – BOATS
  2. Talk about how boats float on water (this leads into a science experiment later)
  3. Review the Calendar
  4. Review the Weather
  5. Look over Daily Job Chart
  6. Introduce the Poem of the Week – STAR LIGHT, STAR BRIGHT
  7. Star Light, Star Bright Letter S Hunt


  1. Introduce the Letter S
  2. Letter S Sound, Fridge Phonics
  3. Letter S Practice Writing
  4. Word of the Day – STAR
  5. Define Star: a fixed point in the sky that lights up similarly like the sun, but much smaller then the sun.


  1. Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons – Lesson 5


  1. Counting Rhyme
  2. Starfall – Number Zero Activity

Family Reading

  1. Charlotte’s Web – Chapter 4
  2. Lapbook – Timeline Activity (reviews the past 3 chapters we read last week)
  3. Lapbook – Story Setting Activity


  1. Usbourne Children’s Picture Atlas – Countries and Cities
  2. Make a small map and place borders, island groups, big cities, and country capitals on it.

Home Economics

  1.  Little Cooks: Dora the Explorer – Issue 1 – Banana Muffins (Let’s Find Out About our Ingredients- Eggs & Bananas)
  2. Pancake Muffins


  1. Sink or Float Experiment (review how boats float)

Medical Update

Our plans to go to the Apple Orchard are axed. Not sure what else will be but the census is that until she starts showing signs of improvement, we will be going out in limited times.  After letting the Dr know what’s been going on, she checked Sailor Moon over, listened to her chest, checked everything.  She said that when she caught a head cold 2 weeks ago, while she was getting better from it, she more then likely got a minor chest irritation that never fully went away and with her asthma, it just settled and well.. started what she is dealing with now.  She recommended that Sailor Moon wear a face mask when we leave the house, not because she is contagious, but rather to ensure that while her airways are healing from the irritation, that she does not catch anything else that is going to make her sicker because her immune system is not the best right now.  Total amount of time for this type of condition is 8 weeks until its run its course.. we are just at the 2 week mark so looks like we got 6 more weeks of her congesting sound and coughing.

After we got her new updated puffer (Dr said it may or may not work but it will help if her asthma flares up), but after I got the puffer, I informed her that we were not going to the orchard (she has been looking forward to it so much) she got soo sad.and upset.  So I told her that we would go grab some take out from Dairy Queen and we’d get special ice creams to go with it and she could eat it before her meal.  Also on Friday, instead of the Orchard, we will make Apple Crisp and do a bunch of Fall crafts to add into our schoolwork to make her feel special.  She was grumpy until she got her ice cream… isn’t it like that with all kids.. LOL!

My only concern now is that Sailor Moon is in a bowling league for kids that meet up every Saturday morning.  She loves it and I know she can do it fine, she did it the past 2 Saturday’s and I do not want to completely alienate her from everything.. but I am not sure how she will feel about bowling with her mask on.. or how the other parents will react to it.  But I guess this Saturday we will find out.

How does this effect our homeschooling plan?

It only effects the outings I had planned for us.  I am still going to take her to the library(maybe not every week like we had planned), and as mentioned her bowling.  But otherwise, unless we need food, we will be at home learning together and enjoying each other’s company. So this sidestep is not going to effect anything I have planned for our learning at home.  In fact, I think it may even help us get into a really good routine.

Oh and if you didn’t already figure it out.. we did no schoolwork today.. after this happening after only 5 minutes on the city bus to the Dr’s, I made the choice to spend the day making her as comfy as I could.

Sicky SleeperWhich after we got home is exactly what we did.  We ate our take out, she watched some Rocket Monkeys, and then she asked if she could do my makeup… this is something she does to be creative.. she will put makeup on my face and back and then put stickers all over my back.. its kind of our comfort activity when she is feeling really off.  Then she asked me to do her makeup.. she made me to be a clown (sorry no pic of that…LOL!) and then she asked me to make her into one.

ClownI am hoping tomorrow is a better day for her.  I have a plan but gotta get the specifics sorted out, but we will be spending the day on the mattress in the living room, cuddled up and having fun.  Have a good night folks!

New Direction

After the past week, and then this weekend of illness, I started to think about what will we do when we are done the next few weeks of activities and I realized, I have nothing.  Our whole curriculum is going to be over in the next 4 weeks and then we will have nothing scheduled to do.  So I spent last night re-evaluating things I want to do, pulling things from various free resources and I have come up with a solid plan for the rest of the school year.  So starting on Day 7(today), I will be adding a bit more work and spreading things out more over the week.  Today we are starting our Letter of the Week Curriculum.  I am pulling ideas and activities from as well as to help fill out some space and make it so we are learning more, but yet not too much in one day so we are still spending the day together.  Our week starts on Monday and ends on Sunday.  Sunday will basically be a catch up day to do those things that got interrupted during the week and if we got it all done, then Sunday will be a rest day.

We will also be starting our home economics lessons this week with our Dora Cooks collection.  This week we will be learning how to cook an egg, which I believe you need to know before anything else.  (Guessing its a good thing I have a full 12 pack of eggs that are about to go off so that we can practice on…lol)

BUT before we can get our feet wet and jump right in, we have a doctor’s appointment that we need to go to in hopes of finding out some answers as to Sailor Moon’s congestion that just will NOT got away!!!  So school will be starting after lunch. :)

Kindergarten – Day 6

We were not planning on doing school today as we are both sick, but she asked if we could do some schoolwork today and I made sure she truly wanted to.. she did.  So today became a vowel review day that we missed over Friday and Saturday (even though it was our weekend, I figured I could squeeze 10 minutes for a review, but nope.. she was sick).

Today we did not do a lot at all, but what we did was enough for her as she was asking if she could stop when she was on her review “test” as I will call it.


  1. Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons – Lesson 4


  1. Vowel Sounds Review
  2. Written Vowel “Test”


  1. 15 Minutes on ABCMouse (She originally asked to play on ABCMouse then Starfall then Jumpstart.. so I opened all 3 of them in separate tabs for her to chose from when she was done.. she hasn’t left ABCMouse yet and its been almost an hour.. lol)

Weekend Update

Illness seems to be winning here. BOO!!!!!

Sailor Moon has her energy but her breathing is getting really congested.  We went to her bowling league yesterday morning and got caught in a rain storm around lunch on the way home.  Yeah this did nothing to help her at all and today, now I feel really sick.  So school has been cancelled today due to the Mothership being down for repairs…lol.  Instead we are going to relax, pump fluids in us and spend the week home and get caught up on our schoolwork from today.  We have mutually agreed that since we are not doing school today that on Friday (if we are still sick and not going to the apple orchard) that we would do schoolwork and on Saturday we would use it as a review of the past 2 weeks.

She did surprise me yesterday though.  We were watching tv (she requested the Food Network on Demand… she loves the competition shows, especially Donut Showdown), but while we were watching tv she was colouring some worksheets I had printed off and opted to not use.  She got to the O and looked at me and said the O sound and then this “O is for Octagon”  Then she asked me if O was the first letter and I said yes, and she told me see she is getting smarter everyday… lol

Have a great week everyone!!!!

Kindergarten – Day 5


  1. Hooked on Phonics – Letter Uu worksheets
  2. The Letter Uu worksheet
  3. Alphabet Fun – Letter Uu worksheet
  4. Starfall – Letter Aa, Ee, Ii,Oo, Uu
  5. Uma the Unicorn
  6. Write a row of the letter U in notebook, circle the best one
  7. Write a row of the letter u in notebook, circle the best one
  8. Write first name in notebook


  1. Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons – Lesson 2 & 3


  1. Tallest to Shortest
  2. Counting to 10
  3. Puzzle
  4. Count to 10
  5. Colour the Number Zero Sheet

Family Reading – Charlotte’s Web

  1. Chapter 2
  2. Popsicle Stick Spider Web
  3. Chapter 3
  4. Barn Diorama

Home Economics

  1. Daily Chore: Sailor Moon – Vacuum Living Room
  2. Daily Chore: Mothership – Sweep Kitchen


  1. 15 Minutes on ABCMouse (she opted for Jumpstart instead.. again.  They have a priate theme this month and she loves it.. she got the pirate ship mount and all)

I omitted Geography and our Unit Study today as she wanted to spend time playing with her animals and dinosaurs in her new barn and I definitely encourage that.. All of her dinos ate the animals and took over though.. lol  We are officially on our weekend until Sunday… which is good because Sailor Moon has been fighting a chest cold and she needs her time to rest up.