Having Fun

I feel like the worst homeschooling mom but you know what… I don’t care. Why?  Because we are enjoying each other’s company and having fun!  I have everything set up for our Day 1.. just not sure when our Day 1 will actually be.. lol.

Last night was an emotional night for the 2 of us because we are both really missing the Jedi Master.  He left a week ago tomorrow.  I opted to start schooling her the weekend after he left to help us both cope with him not being here.  I am wondering if it was too soon.  Sailor Moon has been acting out ALOT and no matter what I do, it makes it worse.  I know deep down she needs a routine and a schedule to help her be focused on anything throughout the day, but then my mommy instincts kick in and I see that she is hurting and I want to just cuddle her until she feels better.  I want to show her I am there for her but at the same time, I am hurting just as much as she is and I am trying to hold it all together without slumping into depression… I’m teetering the border on this.

My house is a mess, I have no inhibition to want to do anything (except the school stuff), and I have lost any appetite I had, which is a tough one because I do not want to cook and I’m having to force myself to for her sake.. I had a luxuriously healthy meal plan set up for this week and all we have had is Kraft Dinner and soup. I ask her what she wants and that’s her response.  Tonight was the first time since the Jedi Master left that I actually cooked a whole meal from scratch (Chicken Tikka Masala) and Sailor Moon opted for Lucky Charms as a side to hers. 

I used today to do things to make me feel good about myself and to help Sailor Moon do the same. I pampered us both to a hair care session (its the longest amount of time she would sit still).  And tomorrow we have pre-booked tickets on a charter bus to go to an exhibit at a museum in the next county called “Be A Dinosaur”.. Sailor Moon loves dinosaurs!  Its one of the few things she has requested we study this year (I am waiting till next year when she can read the names with me), but I know she would enjoy this exhibit and it would be a nice break and finally get us out of the house.  I booked this trip before the Jedi Master went back to university and have been meaning to cancel it for financial reasons, but I remembered it tonight.. so I am thinking its fate and we should go.  But as I sit here typing this, I am doubting that decision and thinking of things we could do around the house instead.  I truly hate this feeling or having soo many things I want to do, but not having the “umpf” to want to do any of it.

I’ll see how tomorrow plays out and see where we end up.

Kindergarten – Day 1

Seeing as our first 2 days of school were a challenge. (I didn’t think it would go smoothly anyways so I was expecting this.) I figured I would try again to get our Day 1 completed! Here is what I have lined up for us today…

Bible Study (we did this yesterday so we will not be doing it again)

Source: Calvary Church Little Ones Curriculum

LESSON PLAN – Creation: How the Earth Formed
  • Question & Answer
  • Crossword
  • Fill in the Blank
  • Colouring Sheet

Language Arts
  • Letter Aa Colour by Number

LESSON PLAN – The Number Zero
  • Colour in the Zero

McGuffey’s Eclectic Primer – Lesson I
  • rat
  • a
  • and
  • cat
  • A cat and a rat
  • A rat and a cat


  • Seeing Seeds Worksheet
  • Planting Parsley

Arts & Crafts


  • Fingerprint Ants
  • Bookworm Bookmark



Self Care
  • Practice Washing Face
  • Practice Brushing Teeth
  • Practice Combing Hair
  • Practice Washing Body
  • Practice Washing Hair
  • Practice Drying Off
  • Pamper Nails & Paint Nails

Physical Education

Equipment Needed:

  • Jump Rope
  • Standing Leg Swings (10x)
  • Toe Raises (20x)
  • Rocking Horse Series (10x)
  • Frog Squats (20x, 3-sets)
  • Shuffle, Skip, Hop Series (5x, 3-sets)
  • Jump the River (10 minutes)
  • Single leg Stretch (3x each leg)
  • Crossover Stretch (3x each leg)
  • Jump Rope

Home Economics


  • Make Beds
  • Wash Dishes
  • Scrub Kitchen Sink
  • Wipe Kitchen Counter
  • Wash Kitchen Table
  • Put Laundry Away
  • Sweep Kitchen
  • Wash All Hard Floors
  • Spend 15 Minutes De-Cluttering Front Entrance
  • Shine your Sink
  • Check closet for fallen clothing and put them away.
  • Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Muffins
  • Chicken Tikka Masala

Day 2..aka the retry of the first day

So today started out AMAZING!  Sailor Moon was happy and man did it show.  She crawled into my bed at 7am and played with her stuffed animals.. I was already awake just seeing if she would wake me up.. nope.  My phone dinged from an email and this is how she “woke me up”.. “mom, daddy’s poking you.”  Yep I am serious.. she just sat next to me all nonchalantly and said it.. almost like she knew I was awake.. lol

I had this whole plan of getting up, having breakfast then sitting down to get some school work done.. but after I rolled over to face her and watch her play.. I didn’t care about getting out of bed or this plan I had.. I just wanted to spend time with her doing what she wanted to do.  We even made breakfast together.  Sailor Moon is going through the phase of learning independence around the house.  2 weeks ago she started pouring her own drinks (with supervision in case of spills) and today she decided she would make her breakfast.. we ended up having pb*& j sandwiches.  She did fairly well with the peanut butter on the bread, it was getting it on the bread that was the problem.  She wasn’t scooping it out, she was just dipping the knife in the peanut butter…lol.  I will give her credit for the great job she did before she asked me to do it though… I was proud of her.

I decided last minute that I did not want to integrate the computer into our learning on a majority basis so after breakfast, I printed out the McGuffey’s Eclectic Primer.. hole punched that puppy and threw it into a duo-tang.. I even made flash cards for each lesson.. woohoo look at me being all productive.. lol

I know alot of the Easy Peasy stuff is online and I am going to do my best to take what I can offline and make it all more hands on so we are spending the quality time together away from technology and she does not look at it like a simple video game style of learning…she is already a bit of a video game addict and I am trying to break that habit.. or at least tone it down a notch.

So 10am came around and I mentioned that we were going to do schoolwork on my bed.. she helped me carry everything down the hall.. she got all set up and we did the daily review of the date/weather and then moved onto the Bible Lesson we missed yesterday.  I learned a very valuable lesson today.. any and ALL colouring sheets that accompany ANY of my lessons.. are now independent assignment to be done after we are done schooling and are to be done before the next day.  We did the first part of the lesson, then their was a colouring page in the middle.. she spent 30-45 minutes colouring this dang page.. she put soo much detail into the small things.  I appreciate that she did it, but when she was done.. so was her attention span.. we had 2 more activities to do and she was half into them.

All in all I managed 2 hours of schoolwork.. mainly bible study.. mostly colouring.. we may have skipped everything else I had planned but ask her about Genesis 1:1 and she has that shit memorized!  LMAO!!!!

Here’s to hoping we get through a full plan tomorrow.. LOL!!

Welcome to Kindergarten!!

1st day

This is how the day started… 

We got dressed, took the garbage out then decided a walk to the store would be good exercise.  We were kidnapped by friends on the way.  They were heading to a Kid’s Day at the local Salmon Derby happening this week.

So while I was planning this..


We actually ended up doing this..


BUT the day was not all fun and games.. we had a MAJOR scare..  

Sailor Moon has been acting out a bit since the Jedi Master left for university this past Wednesday.  She has been ignoring me when I try to get her attention, and talking back with alot of attitude (she was spinning in the computer chair and the Jedi Master was on skype and told her to stop it was hurting his eyes .. she looked at him and told him “don’t look then” with a snotty attitude).  

Today was no different…she walked too far ahead of me and when I yelled I got radio silence from her, when she wanted something and I said no, she would scream and holler and attempt to do everything she could to get her own way.  

She had her own agenda and no one was going to screw it up for her.  

She wanted inside the bouncy house (they had like 5 lined up side by side).. she went into a Disney themed one.. I waited outside the door holding her shoes until the guy said times up.  I looked away for a brief minute. The guy told the kids time was up and they all started coming out.. all except Sailor Moon.  He let the other kids in and she was not in there hiding.  She was gone…

Three of my friends were frantically looking for her in the huge crowd with me but we couldn’t find her.  Then I spotted her jumping into a bouncy house further down the strip.  She took off on me knowing that I was going to go with her to these houses.  She didn’t let me know where she was going or anything.  So one of my friends gave me an idea… see if I can get a stranger to grab her hand when she comes out and start walking away with her to scare her so she will stop running off on me.  

A young man stepped up and did this idea… he took her hand when she came out, Sailor Moon told him where I was and they started walking.. he tried to get her to go out of the way and SHE WENT WITH HIM!!!  A total freaking stranger!!!!  Thank god I was in on this!

So tonight Sailor Moon had a long talk with the Jedi Master and I about what she did wrong and why it was wrong.  When we asked why she did it she blamed it on the Jedi Master not being here to cuddle with her.. she has been using him as a scapegoat to get her own way since he left.  Then it switched to her doing it because she couldn’t find me because you know standing in front of one bouncy house and not being seen by your kid obviously means that can run off to the other ones and get more lost.  But it eventually came out, she took off because she wanted to go on all the bouncy houses and not have to bother with me.    

Among how she has been acting, this has brought the Stranger Danger thing as something I am now going to bring to the forefront with her.  She now has less freedom compared to what she had.  I honestly thought she had the whole Stranger Danger thing down.. we talked about it alot in the past few years, but lately she has become too friendly with people.  She will offer random strangers food that she may have (which I think is a good thing to teach but its not just kids her age she is doing it to anymore and I do not want her to give anyone the wrong idea.)  And she has started talking to EVERYONE!

The Jedi Master’s mother gave me an idea to help her learn that she now has boundaries when we are out… its a wrist strap kinda concept.  You know those cute animal backpacks with the long tail that the mom can hold onto.. its like that but its a bracelet that links her to me.   I am going to knit something up in the next day or so and start doing that with her because today not only made her aware of stranger danger, it opened my eyes to how close I came to possibly losing her and I would never bounce back from that ever!  (Yes I may be over-reacting but until you are in the position I was in today.. you won’t understand how I am feeling right now.)  I am also planning a trip to the local police station and getting one of the officers to have a talk to her about strangers and why its not a good thing to go with one.

I am crossing my fingers that tomorrow.. we get to finally do schoolwork like I planned today and overall, its a better day then today was for me. 

Revising our plans

Today was hell!!!

We went to the Y to renew our memberships and wow.. they told me I have to pay more then I was 2 months ago, discounts didn’t seem like discounts, the child subsidy for Sailor Moon’s membership seemed like it was unreachable.  The lady we were dealing with made it out like we were not allowed to apply for these things to help reduce the cost.  This just set me off in a spiral of moodiness, tears and trying not to scream in public.  I swear I normally am a calm person and never act like this in public, but the past few days, I have been soooo on edge and moody… bless the soul of the Jedi Master for putting up with me.  

All in all after dealing with the Y, we left without a membership.  My plan originally was to go swimming every Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings.  This has now been changed to treating Sailor Moon and I to the indoor pool and jacuzzi at a local motel once a week.  

We were also going to be doing pre-ballet but that has changed.  I re-evaluated whether it was worth the money and sadly, its not.  I also asked Sailor Moon if she wanted to do it and she said no, not really.  Instead Sailor Moon will be joining Sparks.  We will be going to a center a week from tomorrow and seeing what classes they are offering for homeschool families this fall and we will probably sign up for one or 2.

When doing up my original schedule, I was trying to make sure we were out and doing an activity every day.  Sadly I forgot one of the most important things I was once told by a homeschooling mom online.. when you plan to homeschool, plan to stay home!  Occasional outings are fine but being out all the time is not going to help with her learning.  She will either end up to distracted, over-stimulated or too tired to learn by the time we do the schoolwork in the afternoon.  

After remembering that piece of advice, I am revising EVERYTHING!  I know 6 days to go and I just threw my whole plan out the damn window.. nothing like a bit of pressure huh?  LOL!  And to top this all off.. tomorrow is the last day the Jedi Master is with us.. he leaves on Wednesday for University in England :(  So now I have to re-plan everything.. AND make sure Sailor Moon knows how much we both love her and that daddy will be back at Christmas and as much as she will use my shoulder to cry on, I will be doing the same to her.  I am not looking forward to this week at all!  

Progress so far.

The past few days have been fun but also rough.. we had Sailor Moon at the ER 2 nights ago.. she had surgery last week and the back of her throat was sore as expected.. but it had blisters as well.. Dr says she will be fine.. get numbing gel and apply before eating and it will heal on its own.  I’ve been organizing our lessons into my filing system with all the paperwork needed.. I have most of the 1st week in her assignment cubbies of the bookshelf.  She tries to peak at them but just sees paper.. I haven’t added the extra fun stuff yet.. I will do that the night before.. lol.

While we were at the hospital, the Jedi Master went downstairs to see if the coffee shop was opened and ended up going by the hospital’s library.. he brought up some books for Sailor Moon to “read” to us while we waited to be seen. I wanted to go down after her appointment to see what they had.. I scored a copy of 2 books out of the Little House series.. YAY!!!!  I plan on starting that series with her at some point this year (probably closer to next summer when she is reading a bit better).

Can’t believe we have a week left.. as in this time next week we will be on our second day of homeschooling.. YAY!!!  I am having all the normal doubts about if I can handle it, if I am able to teach Sailor Moon, etc.. but I went through this last year as well and even though we took lots of breaks and days off here and there because we just weren’t feeling it.. I know we will be ok.  Last year we could afford to take extended breaks as it was Pre-K and to me that means just having fun learning whatever we want together.  This year we will have fun learning together but to stop the extended breaks, I am not making her days overly exhausting.. we are out every morning either swimming or at the library and then for a few hours in the afternoon we will focus on her schoolwork.  

I did have a whole schedule done up for like every subject known to man.. well on an elementary level.. I had science, geography, history, etc.. but then I had to step back and tell myself repeatedly(still telling myself too) that it can all wait till next year.  She needs to have a grasp on reading before I can teach her a good chunk of what we want to explore together.  If she asks about a particular topic, we can make it a weekly research project(I research and we will review it all together).. kinda like we did last year with our Panda lapbook.

And now I am rambling to waste time so I don’t have to organize more schoolwork.  Off to the grind I guess.. LOL!!!

Let’s Get Excited!

We have one week and 2 days until we officially start off our first year homeschooling.  Sailor Moon is anxious to start but we have all mutually decided that we will wait until the Jedi Master goes back to England for his final year at University before we start. 

In the meantime, I have been occupied with the task of trying to figure out how I am going to schedule our next year.  Since we are starting Kindergarten and our main focus is to learn to read, its going to be a fairly light year work wise.  But the layout I have come up with will put us doing schooling all year round, which is ok since the summer months we will basically be practicing her reading.  I was looking at the calendar and I think we have 3 or 4 days break between Kindergarten and 1st Grade… YIKES!

I’ve chosen to follow the curriculum on Easy Peasy’s All-In-One Homeschool site for a few reasons.. 1. it’s free, 2. its easy to follow along, and 3.. it’s FREE!!!  I am tweaking it a bit to add some things to it but for the end of August and September we will be doing a speedy version of Getting Ready 1.  Sailor Moon knows her alphabet fairly well thanks to the Pre-K Curriculum on Confessions of a Homeschooler’s website that we worked on throughout the last school year, so I am using Getting Ready 1 as a review to freshen her mind a bit.  Then we will be starting the McGuffey Primer, and Getting Ready 2 (which are mashed together in the Learn to Read section as well, but only the reading sections of the curriculum are in the Learn to Read section, we will be doing the activities for everything else that is in the Getting Ready 2 section.) 

Tomorrow, my plan is to get my checklist for things left to be printed off, gather up and sort it all out by week so that I can get as organized as I can and then relax when it comes to the actual homeschooling… less stress makes for an easier fun day!